Saturday, November 16, 2013

GWMS Week 2.5

GWMS Week 2.5

Sewing and weaving continue and with these projects comes lost needles and tangles of yarn!  I spent some time brainstorming inexpensive ways to keep things under control in the classroom.  I gathered some shoeboxes from colleagues and put one skein of yarn in each box.  Most of the boxes had a hole through the side and lid of the box.  This made it easy to thread the yarn through.  If there wasn't a hole, I just used scissors to make one.  I taped the boxes shut and put a note on top " DO NOT OPEN THE BOX!  Pull out the yarn that you need, cut, and leave a tail."  So far, so good!

The next thing I had to tackle was the needles.  I posted sign-out sheets - one for the plastic weaving needles and one for the metal sewing needles.  I hot glued 14 clothespins to a posterboard for the plastic needles and glued 14 magnets to a posterboard for the metal needles.  The students must sign their name and put the number needle they are using on the sign-out sheet.  At the end of class I can quickly see if we are missing any needles.

To all of the art teachers out there - hope this can help you through the yarn mess!  The students have loved the fiber center and I am happy to have figured out a way to keep it organized.

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