Wednesday, September 5, 2012

From Cereal to Journal!

I saw a post for a beautiful hand-made journal using a cereal box for the cover. The original idea can be found here: creme de la craft

When creating my own pocket journal, I made a few changes to creme de la craft's instructions. 

  1. I took half of a cereal box and cut it to 8" x 5.5".  I then scored it on the print side of the box at the 4" mark so I could easily fold it in half with the print side in.  
  2. Next, I sewed a button on the cover using embroidery floss, leaving a long tail that would wrap around the outside of the journal to keep it closed. 
  3. Using a hole punch, I made one hole in a pretty piece of scrapbook paper to allow for the tail-thread to come thorugh, and one hole on the opposite side of the paper to feed the tail-thread though when closing the journal.
  4.  I used spray-mount adhesive to make sure the paper liner was sufficiently stuck. (You will then need to line up the hole-punch with the hole you already made to go through the cereal box.)
  5.  I then took a 2" wide piece of decorative paper, and with spray-mount, fixed it to the spine of the journal.  
  6. I trimmed twenty pieces of notebook paper to fit inside the journal.
  7. Next, I used embroidery floss to stitch the paper together.
I sprayed the backside of the stack of paper with spray-mount and fixed it to the inside of the journal.

Happy Journaling!